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Additional Resources: On-Site Assessment

The on-site assessment is designed to give you objective feedback of your weekend service experience.

A trained assessor from the Grow team will provide confidential feedback using a certified assessment and will evaluate the overall feel, health, and atmosphere of the weekend experience.

Step 1: Request an on-site assessment

To schedule an assessment for your church, please complete this questionnaire.

Step 2: Invest

The on-site assessment requires an additional investment. Costs include all travel expenses for the assessor including flight, hotel and car rental.

Step 3: Use feedback to grow

The on-site assessment will help you maximize the benefits of your Grow membership. The feedback you receive will serve as a guide to help you invest time and resources into the areas where your church needs it most and to utilize the Grow Resource Site, Online Trainings, and Training Events with a clear focus and goal.