Annual Leadership Intensive

July 31- August 2, 2018

Registration for the 2018 Leadership Intensive opens October 23, 2017. The Leadership Intensive takes place annually at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama. This training event is designed for the Senior Pastor and any staff or volunteer leaders who oversee ministry within the local church.

The Intensive consists of general sessions and dozens of breakout labs that focus on specific ministry areas. The labs are designed to help provide hands-on training, as well as give attendees practical insights into how ministry happens at Church of the Highlands. Labs are designed with intentionality to allow both the training needed to understand the systems, structures, and key components that make up a ministry area, as well as ample time for question and answer. It is our goal to ensure that every attendee leaves resourced and with every question answered. To serve as many churches as possible, there is a limit of 8 attendees per church.


Administrative Assistant
Serving in a support role takes a lot of organization, creativity and attention to detail. These support roles keep our pastors’ lives in order and help the church run effectively. Topics will include: staying ahead of the calendar, anticipating the needs of the pastor you serve and keeping organization at the center of what you do.
Associate Pastor
We will talk through the daily and Sunday responsibilities of an Associate Pastor, and how this role can be a support to the Senior Pastor.
Basics of Church Finances
Sometimes the basics aren’t easy, especially when dealing with numbers. During this session, we will talk through how to create a budget, how to keep departments on track financially, and how to track your churches finances in a simple and effective way.
Basics of Production
Through this lab, our team will offer an in-depth look at live video production, from team-building to service flow and execution. We will talk through “best practices” for equipment like projectors, cameras, and switchers, as well as provide an overview on a wide-range of topics, including troubleshooting.
Basics of Worship Music Production
A look at how to get started and improve your current backing tracks set-up. This lab will look at what gear and software Highlands Worship uses in services every week.
Better Websites and Mobile Apps
Whether you've invested deeply in your website or are just beginning to communicate on the web, this lab will help you craft an amazing online experience. We will discuss key essentials of web design and development, as well as show you case studies of things that have worked well and a few that have not. We will also discuss how to create effective and practical mobile apps to keep the members in your church up-to-date.
Building a Healthy Worship Ministry
From the audition to the platform, this lab will look at how to build and maintain a healthy worship ministry. We will look at how to run effective rehearsals, properly resource your team, and pastor the musicians in your church.
Building a Kids’ Curriculum
How can you create dynamic, fun, and engaging kids' curriculum for your church? In this lab, we'll share how Highlands started this process, how our series are planned out, and how each curriculum set is designed to follow the Sunday series for the adults.
Building a Production Team
If churches aren't careful to manage and develop their production team in a life-giving, people-centric environment, they run the risk of losing their most valuable asset: people. By learning a few basic principles about training, scheduling, appreciation, and leadership development, you will be able to show your team that you value them for the people that they are, not just for what they contribute during services.
Building Design and Layout
If you are in the process of building a new facility or looking for land to build, join us as we discuss specific details of a new building. We'll discuss how you decide the amount of parking spaces needed, how large the auditorium needs to be, what the kids' spaces should look like, and how to build for future growth.
Children’s Ministry
We all want our children to have a wonderful experience when they come on a Sunday morning. A few elements we use to create that experience is a team of dedicated volunteers, interactive worship, fun games, and lots of laughter. Come connect with our team to learn how to implement these elements within your Children’s ministry.
Church Financial Practices
Interested in knowing Highlands' financial practices, policies, and procedures? In this lab, you will learn budgeting strategies and principles that will help you effectively establish and manage budgets with financial margin, guidelines every church should have in place to protect the organization, people, buildings, and funds, and much more.
Church Management System
How can you collect key pieces of information, track next steps, and pastor your members through a database? This lab will focus on the keys to implementing an organizational system, which will allow you and your team to better care for those in your church.
Creating a Legacy Team
Today's business leaders are searching for ways to experience true purpose. Pastors of the local church hold the key that can unlock the door of destiny for their business people. It is imperative to learn how you can steward and lead your business people to better understand the value of their calling and make a great Kingdom impact. In this lab, we will discuss how you can bridge the gap and create your own Legacy Team.
Creating a Prayer Culture
Learn the general structure/set-up of the prayer ministry at Highlands in this lab. We will share the heart of our prayer ministry, as well as discuss the unique opportunities we provide for our members to serve within the prayer ministry.
Creative Process
The creative process can be a challenging and time-consuming task. We will review our creative meeting process, the best practices for communicating creative concepts to your senior pastor, and how to successfully engage in brainstorming.
Dream Team 2.0
In this lab, you will hear a brief overview of the vision of our Dream Team and have an extended time of Q&A to have your questions answered.
Freedom Small Groups
Using a 12-week curriculum, Freedom groups focus on our identity in Christ. The purpose of this curriculum is to help people settle their yesterdays and live a life defined by God's eternal plan. To begin Freedom groups at your church is simple, but a strategic process must be in place to ensure success. In this lab, you will learn the fundamentals to launching Freedom groups, how to train leaders, and how to develop a strong group culture. You will also hear a brief explanation of when and how to begin a Freedom Retreat/Conference.
Global Perspectives
Learn what’s happening in the world today and how we, the Church, can make a global impact.
Growth Track 2.0
You're interested in starting a Growth Track in your church but you're not sure where to begin or what steps to take. Maybe you have other questions about the Growth Track. In this lab, you will hear a brief overview of the vision of our Growth Track and have an extended time of Q&A to have your questions answered.
Hosting an Excellent Event
Interested in hosting excellent events in your church? Our Events team at Highlands helps facilitate and implement all church-wide events. Join them for this special lab and learn the details of planning an event - from budgets to checklists, how to maximize the resources you have available, getting the right people on the team, creating a "wow" factor environment, and how to evaluate each event.
Human Resources: The Foundation
Learn how to build a foundation that will benefit your team as you grow, as well as how you can take care of your staff, so they can focus on their ministry.
Information and Technology
Come learn a few easy and practical tools to make technology work for your church as we review the basics of information and technology, and discuss how to implement them.
International Missions
We will share our global mission strategy and give you practical next steps for creating a mission strategy for your church. Topics will include: how to train your team, building a group of global partners, and how to identify strategic places to serve.
Leading and Equipping Your Staff
Why should you learn how to train and develop the teams on your staff? Because it is key that our staff is healthy, both personally and professionally. In this lab, you will learn the value of a weekly meeting, developing your team as a whole, creating a healthy team culture, and investing in your team members one-on-one.
Local and National Missions: How to Engage the Community
Missions and outreach are a huge part of the mission of Highlands - from serving those in need to creating an ongoing ministry presence through our Dream Center. In this lab, we will share the heart behind why we serve, as well as give the practical and impactful strategy of reaching those in need.
Pastoral Care
Whether you are creating or growing your team, this lab will present a plan to recruit, train, and equip a ministry team of staff and lay members. We will discuss the specifics of providing short-term ministry care, as well as how to transition people to long-term care and discipleship within small groups.
Portable and Excellent
Whether you are a new or existing church plant, we have all experienced the highs and lows of portable life. In this lab, we will discuss how to prepare your church location in a way that produces a welcoming and safe environment for guests, so they can experience Christ in a real and dynamic way. We will also discuss building the team structure, the set-up schedule and process, as well as locating key companies and vendors.
Small Groups 2.0
Small Groups are the backbone of Highlands and they can be the same for your church. In this lab, you will hear a brief overview of the vision of our Small Groups and have an extended time of Q&A to have your questions answered.
Student Internships
If you have an internship program at your church, or are looking to create one, we will walk you through the process of building up the next generation of leaders. Learn how to create the certified program needed to develop the young leaders in your church.
Student Ministry
We will talk through the structure of our student ministry including Junior High, High School & College. Discussion will include: MOTION Night, Small Groups, Growth Track, as well as Dream Team, and how they relate in a student-focused environment. Explore a fresh and counter-cultural approach to leading the upcoming generation!
Videos for a Church Experience
Video elements can add so much to a worship experience. During this lab, our team will explain how we create engaging videos for ministry environments. Other topics will include: shooting and lighting techniques, video editing, creating motion graphics, and more.
Weekend Services 2.0
In this lab, you will hear a brief overview of the vision of our Weekend Services and have an extended time of Q&A to have your questions answered.