About Pastor Chris Hodges

As a Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor, Chris Hodges dreamed of planting a church with one simple goal: to help people connect with God without becoming distracted by church structures and programs.

With a launch team of 34 people committed to seeing this dream become a reality, Church of the Highlands launched February 4, 2001, in Birmingham, Alabama, with approximately 350 people attending a service in a local high school auditorium.

Pastor Chris focused on spiritual relationship rather than religion, and this refreshing message struck a chord with both those who did not have a church background and lifelong church-goers who had never experienced a meaningful relationship with Christ. In its second decade, the church has grown to more than 30,000 attending services weekly, and even more participating in small groups.

In 2010, the Lord gave Pastor Chris a vision to help 1,000 churches under 1,000 in weekly attendance break that barrier, and this vision launched Grow. Grow is designed to provide churches with practical resources while sharing the simplicity of the systems, structure and vision that have worked so well for Church of the Highlands. Now partnering with more than 1,000 churches, Grow is impacting the Kingdom of God worldwide through the local church.